Body Language


Body Language

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It's all about the body! This sample pack features drummer/producer Adam Bokesch. I'm in a band called The Daybreaks with Adam, and these samples were made during sessions for our upcoming record. We liked the sounds so much that we decided to release them as a sample pack!

This kit is super fat, with lots of body (language) and character. Not very aggressive, but really cool to blend with drum machines or to add something unique when supplementing acoustic drums with samples.

The kit is Adam's custom C&C mahogany beauties in 20/13/16, a 5" Ludwig Black Beauty snare with Big Fat Snare Drum on it, and a variety of Meinl, Zildjian, and Paiste cymbals.

The sounds are very cool - a little reminiscent of the 80s, but not over the top. Samples are multi-velocity and organized into three versions:

CLOSE: These are just the close mics.
FULL: These are close mics + overheads + rooms.
BIG: These are close mics + overheads + rooms + Lexicon plate reverb.

Here is a single velocity of kick and snare in all 3 versions:


For those interested, here is the signal chain:

Kick In: AKG D12VR -> Daking 52270 mic pre/EQ -> Distressor
Kick Out: Bock iFet -> SSL E console mic pre and EQ
Snare Top: Sennheiser MD431 -> Chandler TG Microphone Cassette -> Distressor
Snare Bottom: Shure SM57 -> SSL E console mic pre, EQ, and compressor
Rack Tom: Audio Technica ATM25 -> SSL E console mic pre and EQ
Floor Tom: Audio Technica ATM25 -> SSL E console mic pre and EQ
OH (spaced pair): Korby KAT FET -> Avedis MA5 -> 1176 Rev A
Hi Hat: KM184 -> CAPI 312 -> SSL E console EQ
FOK: AKG C414 B-ULS (in figure 8) -> CAPI 312 -> Retro STA Level
Room (blumlein): AEA R88 -> Focusrite ISA215 -> Neve 33609 metal knob