ZZ Ward - engineer, mixing
Kesha - engineer
Maggie Rose - producer, mixing
Drake White - engineer, mixing
Vaudeville Smash - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar
Wade Bowen - mixing
Meghan Linsey - mixing
Reece Mastin - mixing
Sean McConnell - producer, engineer, mixing
Them Vibes - producer, engineer, mixing, keyboards, percussion
The Daybreaks - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, bass, keyboards, BGV
Sister C - producer, engineer, mixing
The Brunswick - producer, engineer, mixing
Jill Spaeder - mixing
Sam and Ruby - engineer, mixing, guitar, bass
INTL - mixing
OK OK - producer, engineer, mixer, percussion
Donica Knight - engineer, mixing
Kerrie Roberts - producer, engineer, mixing
Good Company - engineer, mixing
Emblem3 - engineer, mixing
Isaac Hayden - engineer, mixing
Kaleb Thomas Jones - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, keyboards
Jeffrey Steele - engineer, mixing
Love and Theft - engineer, mixing
Mingo Fishtrap - engineer, mixing
Due West - mixing
Marc Scibilia - engineer
JRoc - engineer, guitar
Veronica Ballestrini - mixing
Color Me Badd - engineer
GirlBilly - engineer, mixing
Greg Foresman Band - mixing
Heart.Beats.Mind - producer, engineer, mixing, programming
Mindy McQ - producer, engineer, mixing, bass, guitar, BGV
The Cumberland Collective - mixing
Kelley, Willis, and Rogers - engineer, mixing
J. Michael Harter - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar
Aaron Tippin - engineer
Spring Hill Spider Party - producer, engineer, mixingBebe Winans - mixing
Rae Hering - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, percussion
Buddy Jewel - engineer
Disaster Snake - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, bass, drums, BGV
Scott Harter - producer, engineer, mixing
LaSalle - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, bass, percussion, BGV
Matt Gary - engineer
TG Sheppard - engineer
Benjamin Olson - engineer, mixing
Telecommunicators - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, BGV
Run With Bulls - producer, engineer, mixing
Amber Nicol - engineer, mixing
Anne Buckle - producer, engineer, mixing, guitar, bass, BGV
Anthony Billups - engineer, mixing
John “JoJo” Hermann (of Widespread Panic) - engineer
Mike Willis - engineer, mixing